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Independence Baptist Church is a place of welcome and encouragement. Anyone and everyone is welcome. We don't expect you to get everything fixed up in your life before you can come. That is not realistic. We open the door to a place where healing can take place, a hospital for the soul. Jesus doesn't ask you to be perfect before you come to Him. He  requires us to admit our desperate need for His forgiveness. He came to seek and to save.

We want to be the place where you can find absolute forgiveness, the peace that you need, the place where you can find, and grow in, Jesus.  

So many things in life tend to distract us from our pursuit of a relationship with the Savior, Jesus Christ. In Revelation's letters to the 7 churches we are encouraged to hold tight to what we have! God loves you and wants a growing relationship with you. Be strong in the Lord, and if you falter, remember that God is there to pick you up, dust you off, and put you on the right path. 

At Independence Baptist Church we are dedicated to the personal growth and development of each person. We seek to offer opportunities to learn more about the Bible and ways of developing your Spiritual gifts.  As a church family we desire to grow together and to better serve our community with spiritual needs.                                   

 Pastor John Dinwiddie



Thanksgiving Baskets

Independence Baptist Church has a growing heart for missions. We have become aware of the need for food support, especially at holiday times. We are working to help local families in need. Here is a list of items that we are collecting to provide to the families referred to us.

Food Items: 

Turkey or Ham, stuffing, big can of Yams, big can of Fruit, Instant Potatoes, Macaroni and Cheese, Gravy (mix or jar), Rolls, Butter, Cranberrie, Brownie or Cake Mix. Jello.

Non-Food Items:

Laundry Soap, Dish Soap, Soap/Body Wash, Toilet Paper, Shampoo/Conditioner, Deodorant, Shavers, Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Razers.

Donations are greatly appreciated!!

Pray for our Military

Emergency Shelter

If storms move in our facility will be opened to provide our community with a safe place to weather the storm. Our basement has emergency heat and lighting even if the power goes out. In the event of a long term emergency the American Red Cross will bring in supplies to help provide for the people at our shelter.

  May 2020  
Upcoming Events


Laquey Backpack Blessings
5:30 PM
We meet at 5:30 pm to pack food bags. We are currently packing 125 bags weekly.
Bible Study
6:30 PM


Laquey Backpack Blessings
5:30 PM
We meet at 5:30 pm to pack food bags. We are currently packing 125 bags weekly.
Bible Study
6:30 PM
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