We have started the year with a sermon series posting the question, "What if I don't?". We hear so many calls to action from scripture, sermons, and by the urging of the Holy Spirit. While it seems so obvious that God desires to bless us and use us to further His Kingdom. What if we really don't want to. What if we just choose not to do it? After all, serving the Lord often takes us out of our comfort zone.

The truth is that we do have the option of rejecting God's call to service. We have free will. The thing we must remember is that God wants to benefit us. When we obey there is reward for us and our obedience will benefit the work of the Lord. Our obedience will touch another life and may bring someone to Christ.

With God the benefits of obedience will always outweigh the consequences of any disobedience. When you go with God it is always the right choice.

Be blessed and be a blessing!

Pastor John