Turned off by the current negative trends in politics and media? Me too! But is taking the "Ostrich Stance" of burying our heads in the sand the right response? I have recently observed a trend that has me concerned! Apathy has taken over. I think many are so turned off by the negative media and political atmosphere that they have decided not being involved in anything is the better choice. This has managed to make its way into our Spiritual lives as well. The church is the one place where being involved is welcome and encouraged! People are united by the cross of Jesus and His love. People are accepted because of the love of Jesus and His forgiving, cleansing power. The church needs active people who fill the vital roles that keep the church going. But, in reality, people need the involvement to fulfill their lives. We are designed to be social, interective individuals. It is a part of being wonderfully and beautifully made. Serving in the church and community allows us to be complete in our calling to be the light of the world. We don't have to carry protest signs or rally against anyone or anything. We simply show the love of Jesus in and outside the church. Our ulterior motive is to brighten the world by living like Jesus.